YM Series Circular Connector

  1. YMA series: bayonet quick connection
  2. YMB series: threaded anti-loose connection
  3. Suitable for electrical connection between equipment and cables, cables and cables in harsh environments such as moisture and water;
  4. Waterproof up to depth of 50 meters;
  5. The plug and receptacle termination methods are all soldering;
  6. Five-button positioning leads to blind and anti-error coupling;
  7. Highly reliable double-curved wire spring sockets make the connector soft and easy to insert and have low contact resistance;
  8. The plug and receptacle can be equipped with both pin and socket.


YM Series Electronic Connector


Ambient temperature

-55°C~ +200°C Constant Acceleration 980 m/s2

Relative humidity

60℃@ 92%—98% Shock 980 m/s2


Up to 50-meter depth Anti-fungus, Anti-dust


Environmental resistance Stainless steel: 1000 hours Sinusoidal Acceleration


196 m/s2

Copper alloy: 500 hours

Aluminum alloy: 48 hours Mechanical life

1000 times


Electrical Specifications

  • Characteristics of contact

Contact specifications (mm)

Contact resistance (mΩ) Rated Current (A) Socket inner size (mm)


5 5 Φ1.3
Φ1.5 2.5 10


Φ2.0 1.25 20


Φ3.0 0.75 40


  • Rated voltage, withstand voltage and insulation resistance

Working Environment

Rated voltage (V) Withstand Voltage (V) Insulation Resistance (MΩ)

Normal Temperature and pressure

500 1500 ≥ 5000
High temperature and humidity 500 1125

≥ 100

Low air pressure: 1KPa 250 300

  • Anti-electromagnetic interference shielding: minimum attenuation is 60dB from 100MHz to 1GHz.


Mechanical specifications

  • Shell: stainless steel passivation, can also be nickel plated with copper alloy for the user’s needs;
  • Insulator: Thermoset material;
  • Sealant: Silicon Rubber;
  • Contact: Copper alloy, gold plated.


Order mark

YMA 14 T 3 K1 P40 W
Main code:
  • YMA – bayonet type quick coupling marine anti-corrosion waterproof connector;
  • YMB – Threaded lock connector marine corrosion resistant waterproof connector;
Housing number:
  • 14, 18, 22, 24, 27, 30, 33, 36, 39;
Housing form:
  • T – Plug;
  • F- Square flange receptacle;
  • N- Nut fastening receptacle;
  • S – Nut-fastened through-wall sealed adapter receptacle, the outside of the panel is a hole, and the inside of the panel is a needle;
Number of contacts; 3
Contact form:
  • Z1– Gold plated pin;
  • K1– Gold plated socket;
  • M1– through-wall sealing contacts, gold-plated/glass-sealed socket contacts, gold plated;
Shell structure and plating:
  • P – threaded at the end for attachment;
  • D – unthreaded attachment at the end;
  • 1 – Aluminum alloy electroless nickel plating;
  • 12 – Copper alloy satin nickel plating;
  • 40- Stainless steel passivation;
key positions (five types):
  • no mark -N key position;
  • (W)-W key position;
  • (X)-X key position;
  • (Y)-Y key position;
  • (Z)-Z key position;


  • When indicating an electrical connector, the model number is in fractional form. The receptacle mark writing numerator, the plug mark writing denominator (can only indicate the plating and structure of the plug housing) are separated by diagonal lines, see the model mark example.
  • The plug and receptacle models are directly marked on the product, and the electrical connector model is available for the user to order and the company’s production, operation and management.
  • The optional accessories can be ordered separately. See the post for details.

Model mark example:

  • Receptacle: YMA series No. 14 housing, with 3-pin socket, short housing, no thread at the end, stainless steel passivation, W key position; Model number is: YMA14F3K1D40(W);
  • Plug: YMA series No. 14 housing, 3-pin, threaded at the end, optional accessories, stainless steel passivation;

W key, model number: YMA14T3Z1P40 (W);

The complete electrical connection model is: YMA14F3K1D40(W)/P40(W);


YMA, YMB series plug and receptacle weight table (housing material: stainless steel);

Housing No. Plug Receptacle (no thread at the end) Receptacle (threaded at the end)
14 40 37 38
18 52 48 50
22 68 60 62
24 83 66 69
27 100 81 85
30 124 92 97
33 142 103 108
36 160 117 123
39 176 146 152